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Stepping Stones To Caregiving

Five Keys To Walking The Path With Sure Footing

The path of caregiving can be a long and lonely one. It includes many steps we are unprepared for. Changes can be launched upon us at the onset of an emergency. The safest way to lay our path of caring for our loved one is through proactive planning, organization, and family involvement. Change your journey of stress and worry to joy knowing you are providing quality care without overwhelm.

These five steps will help you see your caregiver road (or role) a little more clearly ahead. Even if you have begun, this guide will offer new ideas and confirm the path you are travelling as your care for your loved one.

Instead of taking these steps with trepidation before or during a health crisis, or even after death, move forward with confidence knowing you have these resources at hand.

The National Institute on Aging suggests to “review the plan regularly, and update documents as needed.” Start the conversation with family members early. And keep the dialogue going.

The pillars of caregiving operate, like the name suggests, as individual silos of information. This makes decision-making difficult without full awareness of all of the inter-related and connected pathways. Once established, the pillars offer a strong foundation for caregiving. Then no isolated need stands alone but is part of an integrated caregiving solution.

So, where do you turn to create this integrated caregiving solution for your loved one so you, in the process of giving care, are also caring for your own health?

I hope you turn to the Five Keys To Walking The Path With Sure Footing, being the five basic tenants to Caregiving which provide you with an overview and a checklist to get started.

If you are ready now, in NEED NOW, to find the Resources and the Community to bring your Caregiving Plan all TOGETHER for your dear loved one, then BOOK a Call NOW with me, Mary Elaine Petrucci, your family Caregiving specialist HERE.