Yoga and Its Benefits w/ Kelly Stickney | Caregiver Cast Episode 06

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Yoga and Its Benefits w/ Kelly Stickney | Caregiver Cast Episode 06

Kelly Stickney, a member of the International Association Yoga Therapist, explained what is Yoga and its benefits, “Yoga therapy is unique. It takes the extensive tools of Yoga. You’re looking at the physical body, mental, as well as energy, the cognitive and spiritual. You can pick and choose because all of these are interconnected. You take back pain for instance. Being flat on your back is not only physically challenging but also emotionally. It’s a matter of survival. If you didn’t have the support

system of the people around you, it can be very tough. When you need to heal your back and don’t physically have the power to do, that’s the time we take other tools of Yoga that will help you cope emotionally to get the right mindset and work toward achieving your goal.”


“Yoga is very applicable to Type 2 diabetes. Science shows it’s linked to diet and exercise. When you go to the doctor, it sounds like an easy fix,  but it’s not. So you need to make it fun or find something that works for you.”


Kelly gave a piece of advice to those who want to do Yoga, “to start your studies and practice yoga, you always start with the ethics, and that ethic is AHIMSA, it’s the practice of compassion. Anything that you do through compassion cannot be wrong. If you do this, maybe you can keep an open mind, and then any practices that you take on with that approach, you’ll see greater benefits for yourself and the person your caring for.


She also said that “getting a Yoga therapist can help you figure out what tools are going to fit in not only with the goals you want to reach but also your physical and mental capabilities, strengths and limitations. They’ll gonna help you fit into a daily routine, not only to hand you what you could work but to tell you how to use it every day and would feel more comfortable.

Feel free to reach out to Kelly and have a question and answer for 30mins, for free. You can also avail of her 30% off for your first 3 sessions.

I invite you to listen to our full conversation to know more details about Yoga and know how it can help us cope with this pandemic and other medical conditions like arthritis and physical balance.


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