Secrets of Long Term Care Facilities W/Tina Baxter, APRN, GNP-BC | Caregiver Cast Episode 20

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Secrets of Long Term Care Facilities W/Tina Baxter, APRN, GNP-BC | Caregiver Cast Episode 20

Tune in to Tina Baxter as she talks about the basic know-hows to considering a nursing home in today’s episode 20 of Caregiver Cast!

In this episode of Caregiver Cast, join your host Mary Elaine Petrucci with guest Tina Baxter as they discuss the many beautiful and unfortunate stories from nursing homes that she uses to highlight the importance of choosing the right nursing facility for your loved one.

Here, Tina shares what occurs in long term care facilities, the particular things you need to look into when placing a loved one in a nursing home, what common factors result to lawsuits, and more.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What to do before choosing a nursing home
  • The best hospice care go above and beyond when defining care
  • What falls result to lawsuits
  • Sometimes, you have to be innovative with residents
  • There are alternatives to restraints

About Tina Baxter:

Tina Baxter functions as president and lead consultant in the Baxter Professional Services company. Tina Baxter is a board certified gerontological nurse practitioner, an entrepreneur, and has experience in the areas of legal nurse consulting, health education and promotion, mental health and addiction nursing, gerontology, chronic disease management, and health prevention initiatives.

She has given lectures on Women and Addiction; Cardiovascular disease in African Americans, Violence Prevention in the Healthcare setting, Unintentional Weight Loss in the Elderly, and Fall Prevention in Older Adults.

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