Resolving Trauma for a More Fulfilling Life W/ Brooke Kekos | Episode 42

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Resolving Trauma for a More Fulfilling Life W/ Brooke Kekos | Episode 42

Tune in as Brooke Kekos discusses her methods to fight trauma in therapy and coaching in episode 42 of Caregiver Cast!

In this episode of Caregiver Cast, join your host, Mary Elaine Petrucci, and Brooke Kekos as they talk about the traumas she lived in life and how she was able to reinvent herself from pain, limiting beliefs, and from scratch.

Brooke explains how she uses rapid transformational therapy and coaching on her clients, what the process of habit-making tells us, and why people shouldn’t be afraid of hypnosis.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Brooke Kekos on growing up with limiting beliefs
  • The push and pulls of reinventing yourself
  • How does Brooke fix a person’s fixed mindset?
  • Hypnosis is a state of mind
  • The mind doesn’t like unfamiliar things—what can we learn from this?

About Brooke Kekos:

Brooke Kekos is an intuitive relationship coach and rapid transformational therapist. Using psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, she is able to help individuals remove old limiting beliefs and reprogram their minds to create a new life of holistic balance and inner peace. Brooke has been helping others for years to give them the tools or goals to help themselves, but her trauma and life changes led her to this career path to help others free their mind.

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