Reconnecting in the Food Circle W/ Nancy Lee Bentley | Episode 86

Get ready for a mouthwatering and transformative episode of Caregiver Cast with Mary Elaine! In episode 86, Mary Elaine sits down with Nancy Lee Bentley, a dynamic food and holistic health expert who’s here to revolutionize your relationship with food and ignite a passion for healthy eating. With her diverse background in the food industry and an unwavering love for real, whole foods, Nancy is on a mission to empower conscious and loving women to take charge of their health. Together, they unravel the secrets of reconnecting with our food sources and addressing the disconnect in our modern food culture. Here’s what you will expect in this episode… Reconnecting with Food and Promoting Healthy Eating The Gut and Overall Well-being Lifestyle Choices and Good Health The Gut-Brain Connection Community’s Positive Attitude Around Food Many more!

About Nancy Lee Bentley: Nancy Lee Bentley, aka ‘That Gutsy Lady,’   is a top-rated, local healthy private chef, Food & Wholistic Health Expert, Speaker, Author and Mentor/Coach.  Visionary Founder of The Food Circle®, she is a grandmother of the Organic Movement, a champion ambassador for healthy food and sustainable community who has been sowing the seeds of personal and planetary health, what she calls the “Soil-to-Spirit Bridge” for over 40 years.   Catch Nancy Lee Bentley on… Website: Facebook: Twitter:

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