Plant-Based Nutrition W/ Timaree Hagenburger | Episode 33

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Plant-Based Nutrition W/ Timaree Hagenburger | Episode 33

Tune in as Timaree Hagenburger shares how you can start your own plant-based diet in today’s episode 33 of Caregiver Cast! In this episode of Caregiver Cast, join your host Mary Elaine Petrucci with Timaree Hagenburger as they go over the factors and facts regarding the effectiveness of plant-based diets that helped Timaree make more impact in her career as a registered dietitian.

Here, Timaree talks about the impacts of epigenetics, the kind of diet she doesn’t recommend to caregivers, an anti-cancer acronym of foods to consume more often, and her views on organic vs. non-organic foods.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Caregivers are always in a unique position
  • Some dairy foods can be linked to cancer
  • The food myths that need busting today
  • Organic food shouldn’t be a barrier!
  • How do you start a plant-based diet?

About Timaree Hagenburger:

Timaree Hagenburger is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Public Health. She is a nutrition professor at Cosumnes River College, a professional speaker working in corporate wellness, and a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine.

Timaree published her first book, The Foodie Bar Way: One meal. Lots of options. Everyone’s happy. ( and also writes articles for the Lodi News Sentinel, manages her resource-rich website (, and teaches hands-on nutrition/cooking classes featuring fresh produce and local products.

She truly “walks her talk,” as she is a health enthusiast, consistent exerciser, healthful eater, life-long learner, mother, wife, and life lover! Timaree cherishes opportunities to connect with those around her to share her knowledge and passion for food, cooking, physical activity, and good health.

Her style is marked by a blend of fun and practicality, as she offers strategies and inspiration for finding pleasure in preparing and partaking in nourishing meals and achieving and maintaining fitness.

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