Physical Detox for Your Body W/ Melissa Deally | Episode 67

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Physical Detox for Your Body W/ Melissa Deally | Episode 67

Join Mary Elaine and guest, Melissa Deally, as they talk about toxins, how it affects our body, and what steps we could do to lessen the effects of toxins in our body.

Melissa shares that when her grandmother was 99 years old, she was fully cognitively functioning and living by herself, and that made her wonder if good genes is enough. And she started comparing her grandmother’s life to her life. Melissa also shared that she thinks that changing the way you live your life now results in you having more energy, more vitality, less aches and pains, more mental clarity, better sleep.

If you, like many other others, is interested to live a better life and improve your health, and wants to know how, tune in to this episode!


Outline of the episode…

  • What is toxicity doing to our body?
  • A look at chronic illness and detox.
  • Why you need to know how your body works.
  • What exactly is detoxing?
  • What is health empowerment?
  • And many more!


About Melissa Deally:

Melissa Deally is an integrative mind body health coach. She also hosts the podcast “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” She was diagnosed with melanoma but refused to panic like her doctors and soon after she was let go from her 24-year career. Her anger and hurt from this turn of events drove her to work for herself and that was when she was introduced to a company that specialized in brain supplementation.

She was drove further into her current vocation when both her daughters sustained concussions mere months apart, turning a budding curiosity about brain health into a determined quest for essential knowledge.

For health empowerment crusader Melissa, your guided journey back to a vibrant, thriving, perfectly balanced state of wellbeing, mind, body, and soul is an attainable goal well worth every effort to achieve. Moreover, this elemental wellbeing is our birthright, deeply foundational to everything we could ever want in life, the solution to most, if not all, of the problems we are experiencing on every level.


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