“Made To Thrive System” W/ Denise Garrett | Episode 60

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
“Made To Thrive System” W/ Denise Garrett | Episode 60

Join Mary Elaine and guest Denise Garrett, creator of the “Made to Thrive” System, as they talk about different approaches that would lead you to a thriving life in this world full of chaos. As someone who loves to help and serve people, when she got injured and could not run into burning buildings, she volunteered at a place where people called in for help and get advice. Being great at it, she felt like she could do more to serve others. This feeling motivated her to enter into therapy to help people operate out of the boxes and labels they are in to realize their full potential. She also talks about her caregiving journey with her parents, her book, healing trauma, and the eight things one needs to practice to thrive. To learn more, tune in to this episode and enjoy!


Outline of the episode:

  • How Denise transitioned from firefighting to coaching
  • Her caregiving story
  • Overcoming fear and finding your answers
  • Eight Courageous practices
  • Accepting the person you care for, for who they are


About Denise Garrett:

Author of the Best-Selling book, Made to Thrive: 8 Courageous Practices to Improve Your Life, Find Inner Peace, and Be Happy.

As a former firefighter, she knows what it’s like to fight fires – and deal with tragedies – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The biggest challenges she faced in her life were the internal battles she had with herself as she experienced several important life-changing events and struggles to express her authentic self because of fear of what other people might think or do to her.

Thankfully, she discovered the secret to managing fear effectively, so she’s been able to enjoy fantastic results and get more of what she wants while having much more fun and making significantly deeper connections with the people in her life.

Plus, she knows what it takes to thrive despite the overwhelm, criticism, stress, and conflict between career and family. When she left the Fire Service, she became a therapist, quickly switching to a coaching model. Why? Because she believes people tend to live up to their labels and wants her clients to operate out of the best labels possible to realize their potential.

Her combined experience as a struggling human being, firefighter & therapist/coach led her to develop the Made to Thrive System.

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