How To Become a Low Stress Caregiver in a High Stress Caregiver World W/ Dr. Mort Orman | Episode 75

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
How To Become a Low Stress Caregiver in a High Stress Caregiver World W/ Dr. Mort Orman | Episode 75

Welcome to Caregiver Cast, episode 75! In this episode, we welcome Dr. Mort Orman, an internal medicine physician, and expert in emotions mastery and stress elimination. Dr. Orman shares his journey in dealing with anger and emotional control problems, which led him to develop a system to help himself and others cope with stress without using drugs or relaxation exercises. Dr. Orman’s 10-session program has helped individuals overcome long-standing anger issues, and he has led over 100 emotions mastery and stress elimination workshops for professionals. Join us as we discuss the challenges of caregiving, including how adult children may struggle to take care of their aging parents, feeling unappreciated, and tensions that can arise due to different ways of performing activities. We also explore the tendency to blame external circumstances and the importance of taking responsibility for our automatic reactions and conditioning. Finally, Dr. Orman stresses that seeking outside help in personal development and skills is essential to eliminate stress altogether, and treating it at its roots is more important than just managing symptoms. Tune in to this episode to discover how to reduce your stress and overwhelm in caregiving and improve your emotional control.

Here’s what you will expect in this episode…

  • Eliminating Negative Emotions and Stress
  • Defining Stress: Addressing Root Causes and Seeking Outside Help
  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety: Challenging Beliefs and Identifying Root Causes
  • Caregiving Challenges: Taking Responsibility for Automatic Reactions and Conditioning
  • Getting Rid of Stress Altogether: Addressing Root Causes and Seeking Assistance
  • Many more!

About Dr. Mort Orman:

Dr. Mort Orman offers a solution for the stress and anger epidemic that plagues men and their families. With his program, men can learn how to control their emotions and stop getting angry at their wives and kids. This leads to happier marriages, fewer regrets, and less stress. Despite the prevalence of this issue, it is entirely unnecessary, as everyone has the power within themselves to eliminate stress and anger from their lives. However, many individuals need to be made aware of this power and be taught how to use it for their benefit. By enrolling in Dr. Orman’s “Not Angry Anymore” 10-session anger elimination program, men can discover the truth about anger and stress and make significant breakthroughs in their happiness, health, relationships, and personal satisfaction. Interested individuals can find more information about the program at

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