Exhaustion; How and why it occurs and how it is treated W/ Dr. Linda Cheek | Caregiver Cast Episode 03

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Exhaustion; How and why it occurs and how it is treated W/ Dr. Linda Cheek | Caregiver Cast Episode 03

Dr. Cheek shared, “I’m a physician and my hours are extremely long and complicated. Working 12 hours a day minimum, and I found myself constantly being tired, having exhaustion. My solution to that was as the day would progress, was nibbling on my gold fish and drinking my coffee. I would put together probably about 3 pots of coffee a day in the process of my working and feeding myself with simple carbs by mid-afternoon. The problem was, within 15 minutes of consuming the coffee, I was exhausted again. It didn’t last very long so I decided to detox from caffeine and simple carbs.”

She reported that the initial effect of detoxification was a bit of a shock to the system. “When you’re used to eating carbs and drinking coffee and suddenly stops, you would have a bit of withdrawal. You feel a bit more tired.” She further shared the positive effects of detoxification to her body. “After about the 4th day, your energy starts to pick up again. By the 10th day, you actually have detoxed. It takes about 10 days to detoxify off of sugar or carbs or anything. By the time I have detoxed, I was working until 10 o’clock at night and I still have the energy to burn. I never had to eat anything more, I never had to drink any more coffee to try to maintain my energy.”

Dr. Cheek emphasized, “When you detoxify or cleanse the cells of the body, it can only be done through energy medicine that’s very specific to those cells.  It can’t be done through anything herbal or anything pill form. A person would have to make a connection with a homeopath or someone who does energy medicine.” She further explained that fasting also helps detoxify (ideally 3 days). During fasting, the body starts breaking down the bad cells then the body will grow good cells that are not filled with toxins. 


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