Discover Your Community of Support W/ Allison Hammond | Episode 68

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Discover Your Community of Support W/ Allison Hammond | Episode 68

Join Mary Elaine on episode 68 of Caregiver Cast as she sits down with special guest Allison Hammond, a graphic facilitator and founder of Response Able People and Company. Together, they discuss the importance of building a support community in navigating life transitions and discovering one’s full potential. Allison shares her expertise in people-centered planning services, using a visual approach to help individuals and groups design action plans for short or long-term goals. She emphasizes the power of taking small steps, the importance of visuals and community, and the need for specific, actionable steps to achieve success. Tune in to this inspiring conversation and discover how you can achieve your goals with the help of your community.


Outline of the episode:

•       Alison’s business as a graphic facilitator specializing in people-centered planning services

•       The importance of community in discovering and achieving future goals

•       The importance of including people in life transitions for support, guidance, and identifying skills, gifts, and knowledge

•       The Path method which is a plan for six months to a year

•       Many more!


About Allison Hammond:

Allison Hammond created ResponsAble People and Company to help people and groups design plans for the future based on their gifts, skills, and knowledge through visual facilitation processes. This comes from a lifelong passion for bringing people together in the community for better lives. From a young age, Allison recognized that all people have unique gifts to share. Having a dancer’s heart, Allison loves to be creative and use art to communicate, which fosters her love for using visual facilitation that brings people’s plans to life. As a natural-born teacher and facilitator, she guides people through meaningful and deep conversations to discover their attributes, visions for the future, and how to get there as a community.

 Allison is a trained Making Action Plans (MAPS), Positive Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH), and Charting the Life Course facilitator, which uses visual facilitation or sketch note-taking to record the plan. These processes focus on individuals or groups that seek to design a plan that clarifies a vision while acknowledging the gifts that people bring to the process. Then, the individual or the group creates a plan based on these attributes and what each person can contribute to the outcome.


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