Communication Strategies W/ Toni Gitles | Caregiver Cast Episode 07

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Communication Strategies W/ Toni Gitles | Caregiver Cast Episode 07

“My intention is to support caregivers through their entire journey because it can be a very long one, it’s full of uncertainty and it’s difficult.” Toni considers caregiving the hardest responsibility and a full-time job. She was working together with physicians and healthcare professionals before most of the time the E.R., she was best in communication because that is what she grew up with and educated. Toni quoted “But I was really unprepared for what caregiving involved, specially never imagining it will be 14 years that I would be involved with my mom” her goal was to provide the best care for her mom, create memories, joy and have a communication strategy that will work for both of them. Given the stress and exhaustion, she realizes that there was already care plans for her mom from the senior adviser but never was with the caregiver. 

After her mom died, she realizes there are 54 million caregivers just in the US that was in the same situation and crisis she was in. “When you are in a crisis situation you really gets stressed out, because you probably haven’t planed for the crisis” Toni said, “The thing that I needed was somebody to listen to me and then somebody who would have been a caregiver, would have been helpful because then they could have shared their experience.” 

“So, I wanna be there for people and give that guidance” Toni stated. 

Listen to the full episode of this podcast to learn more about how she did it so you can do it. 


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