Cardiovascular Health & Nutrition W/ Samantha Rawlinson | Episode 37

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Cardiovascular Health & Nutrition W/ Samantha Rawlinson | Episode 37

Tune in as Samantha Rawlinson speaks on the higher chances of women suffering heart attacks than men in episode 37 of Caregiver Cast!

In this episode of Caregiver Cast, join your host Mary Elaine Petrucci with Samantha Rawlinson as she talks about how she transitioned to a plant-based diet to curb the likely effects of heart diseases running from both sides of her family.

Samantha discusses the risk factors of heart disease, what a silent heart attack is, the effects of plant-based diets on cardiovascular diseases, and debunks the claims that plant-based diets are poor protein sources.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Samantha Rawlinson – I easily lost 14lbs. in two months
  • The most cited risk factors for heart disease
  • Plants that pack high levels of protein
  • How diet relates to the rise and fall of diseases
  • Wellness takeaways for caregivers

About Samantha Rawlinson:

Samantha is an RN Health and Wellness Coach. She helps women who are suffering from Heart disease change to a primarily plant-based diet. In the process, they will lose weight, decrease their B/P and cholesterol and gain energy and confidence.

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