Build Your Best Life W/ Amy Todisco | Episode 56

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Build Your Best Life W/ Amy Todisco | Episode 56

Episode #56: Build Your Best Life


Join Mary Elaine and Amy Todisco in this episode of Caregiver Cast as they dive into the different ways to gain wellness and build the best life. Amy has always been interested in how people think and communicate. But instead of just listening to problems, she was more solution oriented and would love to help the person go from where they are today to where they wanted to be. To do this, Amy knows that it is an ongoing process that begins with working on herself, understanding who she is, and planning how she can create the life she wants. She used these lessons and tools to help people do the same thing. Amy also shares that the best life involves connecting and building solid relationships through listening and communicating effectively. She also believes in green living and eating well so one can have the best life. So tune in to learn more!



Outline of the episode:


  • How Amy got started on her personal growth and spirituality path
  • Green living and creating non-toxic household products
  • Living on an organic farm in Vermont.
  • The importance of gardening and eating well as a form of self-care
  • Her journey to becoming a coach
  • What can a caregiver do to improve their relationship with their parent, especially if they never had a good relationship?


About Amy Todisco:


Amy Todisco has been a nationally recognized green living expert and sustainability lifestyle mentor for over 25 years. She’s also been a certified coach for 14 years. Amy was an early pioneer in the green living movement who was recently featured on HGTV, WCAX TV News, and Vermont Public (Radio).  She is a passionate public speaker. Amy is the technical editor of the book, Green Living for Dummies, and co-author of the Amazon best seller, YOU Make a Difference. In the summer season, she leads unique experiential food and farm tours, personal growth and wellness retreats, and her Vermont Farm Immersion Program on her organic farm in Vermont. Year round she empowers, inspires, and guides high achieving professional women with big dreams make those dreams a reality and create their best life—a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle and a life without limitations.

She helps clients achieve their big dreams/goals through one-on-one coaching, online mentoring/coaching programs, vision board secrets masterclasses, and in person retreats and programs on her organic farm.

With over 35 years of personal & spiritual growth experience and research, and 30 years of green healthy living expertise, Amy has channeled her personal and professional learning to create a living change lab for personal transformation, both online and at her organic farm in Vermont.

A graduate of the Rockwood Leadership Training program in 2002, Amy has always been interested in leadership and has held many leadership positions herself. She was the Board Chair of her local Chamber of Commerce for two years, where she played an integral role in transforming the Chamber into a much needed direct marketing organization for the community. Amy also founded and co-founded several nonprofits, and was an Executive Director for four of them, including the Marblehead Cancer Prevention Project, the Mad River Valley Wellness Alliance, the Household Toxins Institute (started by the Seventh Generation Founder), and now the Vermont Farm Immersion Program.

Over the past 28 years, she’s been a nationally recognized green living expert. She even got a call from one of Oprah’s producers some years ago. Oprah was going to come to her home in Vermont for an interview but went with a nonprofit at the last minute sadly. As a highly sought after Green Living & Wellness expert, she has frequently been interviewed and appeared in the media, including Hearst Argyle’s Vermont WCAX News, Vermont Public Television (VPT), Rachel Ray Every Day Magazine, Seven Days (Vermont’s Independent Voice Newspaper), Christian Science Monitor, Vermont Life and Farm & Ranch Magazine, and on various podcasts.

She has a wonderful daughter, and lives with her partner, Dave, on their organic farm in Waitsfield, Vermont with two dogs. She loves to learn new things, challenge and grow–she even adopted a 4 month old horse 16 years ago, never having owned, much less trained a horse. That led to working with horses in leadership coaching sessions. An avid organic gardener, she loves to read, do arts & crafts, spend a lot of time in nature, cook and dance.


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