Aging Gracefully: Know Who You Are W/Barbara Ellison | Episode 63

Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci
Aging Gracefully: Know Who You Are W/Barbara Ellison | Episode 63

Retirement is one of the transitions one undergoes in life. Often, men and women coming to retirement have no idea who they are outside their job titles. If this notion resonates with you, and you want to discover your purpose, passions, and drive to have an active, healthy, and abundant retirement, join Mary Elaine and guest Barbara Ellison in this episode of Caregiver Cast. Barbara talks about the reality that most people in advanced age have given their health and well-being to doctors and do not care about what they eat or exercise. She shares small steps people can take to promote body movements. These body movements strengthen the heart, reduce stress, and help prevent joint rustiness. There’s more to unpack in this episode, so tune in and enjoy!

Outline of the episode:

  • Holding on to the things you enjoy doing
  • Finding purpose
  • What it means to be a dream coach and a life trainer
  • Making movement a part of your day
  • Many more!

About Barbara Ellison:

Barbara Ellison is a Transformational Life Trainer, Wellness Brand Partner, Speaker, and Author. She is a Co-Host of the Time2Shine Happiness Show and Everyday Riches Show. She loves working with Baby Boomers who are ready to take charge of their future so that they thrive. She helps them learn how to be their best version – the happy, healthy, confident version.

She is on a mission to make Happiness the norm rather than the exception by awakening the world to lead happy, healthy, financially free, abundant lives. She believes all can increase their Impact, Influence & Income with a vision that changes a life & a business model that can provide anyone a fortune.

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